Hannibal the Cannibal: The True Story of Robert Maudsley (British Criminals Book 5) (English Edition)

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Robert Maudsley casually walked into the cell of another inmate, who was sleeping on his bunk facedown. A savage rage quickly took over, and Maudsley started stabbing the back of the man’s head. There was blood, pieces of brain, and chunks of hair flying in a fury. After the man went limp, Maudsley grabbed the man’s head and held it in both palms and started to smash it against the walls of the cell, so hard that the plaster began to fall off the ceiling.

Nurses and guards had to watch on, not being able to get into the cell, hearing the victim’s head crack each time it was smashed against the wall. After Maudsley finished with the attack, he sat the limp body up against the bed, got down on his knees, and started to eat chunks of the brain with his home-made knife.

Robert Maudsley was dubbed “Hannibal the Cannibal’ on account of his thirst for eating the brains of his victims. He is one of the most interesting and thought-provoking murderers in prison. He will be housed in a bulletproof cage, in the basement of Wakefield Prison, England, where Britain hold its most savage, high-profile convicts. He is known to be such a danger to others, even inmates, he lives in a specially designed cell that doesn’t allow him any contact with anybody, except for guards that will slide his food through a small hole at the bottom of one of his cells.

Robert Maudsley is deemed to be the ‘Most Dangerous Prisoner in Britain.’ Even though he only killed one person outside of prison, his remaining victims were claimed while incarcerated. This book reviews Maudsley’s life from his tormented childhood, his rage-filled murder outside of prison, and the planned torturous murders of three convicted pedophiles.

In the basement of Wakefield, you might be surprised who else has been housed beside him, and what kind of relationship they have.


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